Markus Niemela - Professioneller Rennfahrer

Sehen Sie sich das Video an und finden Sie heraus, wie die tools aus der Winner's Bible einem finnischen Rennwagenfahrer geholfen haben, auf dem höchsten Level des Open-Wheel-Renncircuits in Amerika teilzunehmen (abgesehen vom Oval Track Racing) und die US Atlantic Championship 2008 in seinem ersten Jahr zu gewinnen.


Jack Smith - Racecar Driver Formula 4 / Supercars Australia 

There were certain aspects that helped me more than others. I gained a lot from the idea of implementing structure into a race weekend and having a pre race routine. I now have a strict routine all throughout a weekend and it puts me into the right head space and prepares me well for the certain day or weekend. 

I also liked the training which taught me to let things go and move on. I only allow myself to become annoyed or upset for 20 mins before I am already focused on what is to come and how I will fix the issue.  

Overall I am much more relaxed during a race weekend and feel a much better person. I become focused much quicker and easier. I also handle the good times and the bad much better than I used to. Overall I am extremely happy with the work we did together and thank you greatly. I wouldn’t be enjoying the small success so far this year without your help. 

It would have been great to continue working together. 


A. W. - Rugby Player 

I began working with Sabine because I wasn’t performing as well as I believe I could as a rugby player, I was being held back my fears. Sabine was able to delve deeper into what was happening, giving me an awareness of these fears. Following this she gave me the tools to deal with my fear, as well as helped me to develop my own personal winner’s bible. Utilising both the tools and winner’s bible I have been able to perform with confidence. I feel that I can continue to grow and achieve as a player and person as I follow the vision I have for myself.  


Tony Rickardsson - 6 times World Speedway Champion, Sportsman of the year in Sweden 2006

Sabine worked with Tony during 2005 when he won his record breaking 6th World Championship GP title. (TR Team: Rider Tony Rickardsson, Team Manager, 2 Mechanics, PR Manager, Sport Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Cook)


Joonas Kylmäkorpi - 4 times World Longtrack Champion

Sabine helped me from a young age when I first started riding in England's Elite League. She did cognitive performance tests under load with me and 'predicted' that I had great potential in my sport. She even said that - based on objective data she collected from the tests I did - that I had potential to become World Champion. She was right! I'm 4 times World Longtrack Champion and the mental strengths and performance routine programme that Sabine developed for me really helped me with my racing and achieving my goals. Her 'prediction' helped me to develop unshakeable belief in myself and become a multiple World Champion.