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Unleash your full potential with a mental edge assessment and compare your mental toughness to that of world champions.

Winner's Mindset for Formula Woman Competitors! An exclusive online programme for aspiring female racing drivers. 

Providing data-driven services that objectively measure mental performance and capacity in a motorsport valid environment.  A race drivers job is in most simple terms to read the car while produce fastest possible lap times. A driver needs to be able to focus and compute more than one task simultaneously otherwise one has to give.  

A race driver’s performance is determined by the limits of his perception, computation and actuation ability. In other words performance is limited and determined by a race driver’s brain processing capacity. If not sufficient brain capacity is available the driver will either a) slow down or b) make errors. 

We are using an efficient methodology deeply grounded in psychophysics science relevant to racing using a simulator setup to assess sensory perception threshold and response style, mental capacity limitations, motivation, decision making, confidence reliability, and uncover mental performance blocks rooted in a driver’s belief-system.

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Sabine's list of international, high profile clients is impressive and includes multiple World Champions.